The mind is a very powerful tool, that can bring about both success and sabotage. As you head into 2021, discover some goal-setting resources and map out a successful New Year’s resolution. You’ll feel fulfilled and at the end of the year, you just might discover that resolutions are something fun to look forward to setting and reaching.

Play the “Why” Game:
Lure yourself to want to practice your new habit by identifying the purpose behind it.

• Why is __________ important to you?
• What will it bring you?
• What will not pursuing mean to you

Think Outside Yourself:
See what you can do to remove the barriers preventing you from realizing your resolution.

• How can you set yourself up given your current environment?
• What current habits can you modify to accommodate a new one?
• What will adding this new habit to your life mean to you?

Visualize the End State:
Imagine what it will feel like to achieve your resolutions.

• Mentally rehearse the success you will feel
• Mentally imagine the taste, feel, smell, and sensations that come with your resolutions
• Visualize being adaptable to meet the challenges of your resolution

Know the Secret Sauce: One study measured the difference between two groups of people who wanted to sustain an exercise program: one group that used if-then planning, and another group that didn’t. The results were astounding. Of the group that employed if-then planning to realize their goals, 91% of them achieved success. Of the group that didn’t use if-then planning, however, only 39 percent stayed with their new exercise routine.

You’re probably wondering what this “super-secret sauce” of goal attainment looks like, huh? Well, if-then planning works like this: If A happens then I will do Y.


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Kickoff The New Year With A Plan For 2021

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