The 2020 stock market has been extremely volatile. From record highs to a bear market in record time, and back up to record highs. Where do we go from here? Will COVID remain a hindrance to our economy and livelihoods thru 2021? Will we experience more lockdowns? Will a new administration introduce new tax laws? The one thing for certain is that we remain uncertain about a lot of these issues. However, that does not mean we cannot plan. A written investment plan can prevent you from the unneeded stress and anxiety that years such as 2020 may have caused.

Remember, not all bear markets are the same. This one may have been short-lived, but the next one is always around the corner. There is always the possibility it can be longer-lasting – having even more of a negative impact on your portfolio – especially on retirees. If you felt you were unprepared for this past year, please give us a call. Together we will ensure your investments align with your financial goals.

We’d Love to Help You With Your Financial Plan

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