While easier to remember, simple passwords can also make them easier to for hackers to crack. Strong passwords often contain a combination of upper and lowercase letters along with symbols and numbers. It would be ideal to memorize your passwords, but let’s face it, with all the programs that require authentication these days, it is nearly impossible. Especially when you update them regularly to help keep them secure. Even then, breaches of security are still possible.

To help keep you safe, here are a few tips for storing your passwords:

Store Them In A Secure Location

Saving all your passwords in the same location can be risky. To help reduce this risk, it is important that your files are encrypted to add an extra layer of protection. For instance, if you store your password information using an excel sheet, the file must be password protected. To Encrypt your excel, use this step-by-step tutorial from Microsoft. You will need to remember this password as it cannot be recovered.

Extra Security

Take it another step further by storing your files on an encrypted hard drive. If you need remote access and use cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, be sure to set up two-factor authentication.

Mum’s The Word

There may come a time when you have to share your login information with one of your peers (sharing your Netflix account perhaps?). However, by doing so, you risk your information becoming compromised. Try your best to limit access to your accounts from other users. And never share account information via email.

Routine Checkups

Try your best to maintain regular updates to all your accounts. While this may be time-consuming and frustrating, having your information stolen can result in a much larger headache. Routine checkups are also an excellent way to stay updated on all your accounts and payments if something has changed.

You don’t have to keep all your account information in Fort Knox, but it is essential you keep them in a secure location. To help get you started, enjoy our complimentary excel document. Make sure to encrypt and print the file to store in a safe place so that your loved ones will have access to your important accounts if anything should happen to you.


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