To determine if an older adult can continue living at home, take a good look at all aspects of their present housing situation and how each one affects their safety and quality of life.

Medication Management

  • Do they remember to take their medications at prescribed doses and times?
  • Have they had any hospitalizations or health issues due to skipped doses or multiple doses?
  • Can you locate expired medications or pill bottles spread across different rooms with no apparent structure or routine?

Meal Preparation

  • Can they cook for themselves?
  • Are they eating balanced meals?
  • Are they able to safely operate kitchen appliances?
  • Have there been incidents where they’ve forgotten a meal in the oven, accidentally left the stove on, or started a fire?

Safety and Mobility

  • Do they have difficulty getting around the home or taking stairs?
  • Have they fallen in the home?
  • Do they have a plan in place to summon help in case of an emergency?
  • Is the home equipped with safety devices like grab bars, an emergency response system, and other tools to ensure safety?

Personal Hygiene

  • Can they bathe themselves, groom themselves adequately and manage their laundry?
  • Are they bathing frequently enough?
  • Do you notice an unkempt appearance, body odor, and soiled clothing indicating they’re unable or unwilling to care for themselves properly?


  • Are they still driving?
  • Are they driving safe, been in recent car accidents, or gotten lost in familiar areas?
  • Do they have alternate means of transportation for doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands?

Financial Management

  • Are they paying their bills on time?
  • Are there stacks of unopened mail, unpaid bills, or late payment notices lying around?
  • Are there signs that they’ve been overspending?
  • Do they get calls from telemarketers or creditors?

Download the Activities of Daily Living checklist to help you further with your assessment.


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