Identity Theft

Protecting Your Information in a High-Tech, High-Risk World.

Topics Covered Include:

Know How And When You’re Exposed

Know where your information is stored and which companies, individuals, and institutions have access to it.

How Your Information Is Found

Getting a hold of your information isn’t as complicated as you might think. Much of your information is available online or through public records.

Steps To Protect Your Information

Don’t share personal information in public places over the phone or public Wi-Fi and avoid sharing any PII that isn’t completely necessary.

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Who you need to report the incident and fraud to. Be sure to ask for a hold to be placed on your credit.

retiree benefits


You may think that your nest egg is a humble one, but it could be a pot of gold for others. There’s also a great deal of value in good credit and a clean background.

retiree benefits


Unfortunately, no matter what measures you take to protect yourself, the vast array of companies that store your Personal Identity Information can also be breached.



of adults in the United States have been victim to Identity Theft

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