Social Security

Maximize Your Social Security And Maintain Your Current Lifestyle

For many Americans today, Social Security is an essential part of their retirement. Traditionally, Americans have relied on the “three-legged stool for income during retirement.” That is, Social Security, personal savings, and employer pensions. However, savings rates and housing values have dropped. The availability and value of employer pension plans have rapidly declined. For many, Social Security is the only stable leg of the “three-legged stool.”

Many Americans will approach their Social Security with insufficient knowledge, or even worse, misinformation. Much of this mistaken knowledge around optimal claiming strategies comes from friends, family, and other non-experts. Making an appropriate claiming decision requires a complex evaluation of the Social Security program rules, as well as an assessment of your retirement timing preferences, personal savings adequacy, retirement income needs, and personal health status.

Regulatory changes, market downturns, fiscal standoffs, and other hindrances happen. As Financial Professionals, we are committed to understanding how your Social Security will affect your overall financial picture.

Social Security

Get The Most Out Of Your Social Security

By doing some careful planning and making smarter choices, you can maximize your Social Security benefits throughout your retirement years! Social Security can provide benefits for you, your spouse, and other eligible members of your family.

disability benefits

Disability Benefits

retiree benefits

Retiree Benefits

spousal benefits

Spousal Benefits

Survivor Benefits


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